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Date of Birth: 1st June 1984   |   Political Party: Democratic Party, Hong Kong   |   Registered Social Worker


LO Kin-hei is the Chairman of the Democratic Party as well as the Chairman of the Southern District Council.

He joined the Democratic Party and first contested in the 2007 District Council elections in Lei Tung (II) constituency. He lost in a narrow margin of 27 votes. He contested in the same constituency again in 2011 and succeeded in taking the seat with 2346 votes. LO got reelected in 2015 and 2019 with 56% and 63% of votes respectively.

In December 2012, LO Kin-hei was elected as Vice-Chairman, becoming the youngest Vice-Chairman in party's history. In December 2020, he became the youngest Chairman ever for the Democratic Party.


Chairman, Southern District Council

Southern District Councilor

Chairman   |   Southern District Council   |   Since 2020

Lei Tung II Constituency   |   Southern District Council   |   Since 2012

Community    Officer-in-charge

Office of Legislative Councilor Hon. KAM Nai Wai   |   2008-2011

Chief Campaigner

Campaign Office for Legislative Council Election candidate KAM Nai Wai   |   2008

Community Officer

Office of Legislative Councilor Hon. YEUNG Sum   |   2007

Office of Southern District Councilor CHAI Man Hon   |   2006


Chairperson   |  2020-

Vice-chairperson   |  2012-2020

Founding Member, International Affairs Committee   |   2019-

Founding Chairperson, Creative Media Committee   |   2012

Member, Standing Committee, Hong Kong Island Branch   |   2008-2012


Member, Building Committee, Hong Kong Housing Authority   |  since 1/4/2018

Member, Commercial Properties Committee, Hong Kong Housing Authority   |  4/2017 to 3/2021

Member, Appeal Board Panel under Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance   |  since 1/7/2016

Member, Steering Committee on the Child Development Fund   |  since 1/6/2016

Member, Tender Committee, Hong Kong Housing Authority   |  4/2015 to 3/2021


Bachelor of Social Work  |  The University of Hong Kong  |  Class of 2006

Sing Yin Secondary School   |  Class of 2003

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